My Philosophy

I can proudly say that I love my job. I believe that every design I create should reflect a trace of love and life. I know that some of my design projects have shortcomings and weaknesses; however, I am on the path of evolution just like any other living creature.

I believe that I am a mediator to create a small portion of the beauty in the world. I have never stolen the ideas of others, because that goes against my respect for creativity and sense of self and this my values as a designer. While daydreaming, I sometimes travel to other worlds to see what is going on beyond our realm.

I am very keen to see God’s design in the universe and galaxies. I sometimes spend hours looking at photos of faraway galaxies in the universe or the beauty of deep-sea creatures, because they always represent flawless designs. It makes me feel as though I am immersed in the love for the Creator.

This is why in my life, I have made it a mission to create designs that are impactful enough to make people pause in their path to admire.

Inspiration is the main tool I use all along. In fact, to me, inspiration is the mediating tool between me and the superior world.

Nothing is impossible in my eyes and I have never seen life through a limited framework. In my world, 2+3 is not necessarily 5.

I always admire architects who have thought differently and depicted a creative conception of architecture in their works. I have failed many times in my life and never been afraid of facing it. I believe that each failure is like a teacher who seriously intends to teach us a hard lesson without compassion.

Many valuable things I have learned from these failures:

I have learned every one of us has an exclusive orbit and the biggest exploration is to find this orbit and locate in it.

I have learned that only a small percentage of people are in their real orbit in this world.

I have learned that we cannot achieve great success and be the source of change, unless we locate in our actual orbit. Thus, ordinary life is the only thing we experience.

I have learned that growth is associated with pain and we sometimes have to tolerate excruciating pain in proportion to the growth rate.

I have learned that we are all born to create a separate event. This is what perhaps many of us will not realize until our last moments of life.

I have learned when we get tired of our life and emulate the life of others for convenience and achieving reputation, money, and power, we are subject to degeneration.

I have learned that no acquaintance is accidental. Each acquaintance with others can affect the course of our lives.

I have learned that sometimes we have to be generous enough to achieve great things.

I have learned that behind every seemingly bad event, there is a good story and it takes time to show face.

I have learned that nothing limits us, except our fear, and nothing confines us, except our thoughts.

I have learned that all people want to live on the top of the mountain without knowing that true happiness is on the ascent to the summit.