Hassan Bahadori

Hassan Bahadori

Senior Lighting Designer

Hasan Bahadori (Bahador Bahadori) is a Senior lighting designer with over 22 years of experience who has actively engaged in Facade Lighting and Landscape Lighting since 1997. During this period, he has often spent his time studying, researching, working, and making efforts tirelessly and continuously in this field and presented more than 970 lighting design projects in the Middle East and more than 6800 projects in Iran as the result of his hard work over these years. What attracts attention in his designing projects are creativity, innovation, complexity, and lack of dependence on conventional constraints in this field. Bahadori strongly believes in inspiration in lighting and maintains this feature is innate, not learned. He had a creative mind since he was a teenager.

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Done Lighting projects

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Lighting designers are God’s mediators and instruments to create beauty. They have an obligation to hide the ugliness and reveal the beauty in dark night. I believe that along with expertise, technical knowledge, and experience, much of the creation of an innovative design is inspiration; inspiration in the creation of beauty. Inspiration is not something to be trained in a class, copied, or found in books, as no one can become a poet through education at the highest level of Literature.

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